David Demaree is a product manager, designer, and writer based in New Jersey.

I’m currently product lead for Google Fonts. Previously, I was lead product manager for Adobe Typekit (now Adobe Fonts). Before that I was a UX designer & software engineer, working at Typekit, Gannett, and my own now-shuttered independent studio, consulting on projects for Apple, MTV/VH1, ABC, and many more.

I speak at conferences about product development and web stuff, most recently at Web Directions Product in Melbourne, and before that at events in the US, Germany, and Australia.

A few years ago I wrote a book about version control, Git for Humans, for A Book Apart. You can read a sample chapter about making Git commits, “The Art of the Commit”, on A List Apart. I will probably write another book, and it will probably be about either design systems or product management.

I write essays. I take pictures of my daughter, my French bulldog puppy, buildings, food, objects.