’24’ is Officially Ending This Season 

Contracts are ending, FOX doesn't feel like renewing them and NBC doesn't feel like picking them up. So after nine years and eight seasons, Jack Bauer's TV adventures are ending in May.

Said producer Howard Gordon about the show:

I'd like it to be remembered as a revolutionary concept. The second thing is that we loved this show so much and never did anything less than our best. I hope we delivered to our fans like we feel we did to ourselves. We loved this show from the very first hour to the last hour, so I hope people think of it being consistently at that quality and that it never dipped too terribly — except for season six.

To be honest, I knew the series was on its last legs when my co-worker Joe stopped updating the "Jack Bauer Death By Flying Object Count" on our office whiteboard after the second episode this year.