‘Aspies’ Cling to Asperger as Elite Diagnosis 

In a proposed change for the upcoming DSM-V, Asperger syndrome would be eliminated as its own, separate diagnosis, and merged in with several other conditions under a general 'autism spectrum diseases' category.

The Aspies are not pleased about that:

Liane Holliday Willey, a Michigan author and self-described Aspie whose daughter also has Asperger's, fears Asperger's kids will be stigmatized by the autism label — or will go undiagnosed and get no services at all.

Grouping Aspies with people "who have language delays, need more self-care and have lower IQs, how in the world are we going to rise to what we can do?" Willey said.

Note that Asperger kids, by implication, have no language delays, are more self-reliant and have higher IQs.

Note also that it's the DSM-V making this change, and the last time the APA tried shuffling things around in a DSM revision was not without controversy or problems.