iPad Pre-Orders Start Exactly 12 Hours From Now 

Well, maybe not now. But pre-orders begin tomorrow at 5:30 am PST, and it was exactly 5:30 pm PST when I started typing this.

Anyway—Jim Dalrymple reports what you may already know if you signed up for Apple's iPad e-mail list:

Apple on Friday will begin accepting pre-orders for the Wi-Fi iPad on Friday morning at 5:30 am Pacific Time. You can get more details in an email Apple is sending out to those that signed up to be notified of pre-order news.

It is considered likely that Apple will also be taking orders for the Wi-Fi+3G iPad model tomorrow, for shipment in "late April."

It's also my understanding that while you can have your iPad FedExed to you for delivery on April 3 (a Saturday), you can also 'reserve' one for pickup at your local Apple Store. How the concept of 'reservations' will work is still a mystery, though however it works, you can be sure there'll be some long, long, long lines at Apple Stores that morning.