Rails 3 Release Notes 

Release notes? Funny, I didn't hear anything about a Rails 3 developer preview, alpha or beta release. In fact, seeing as Edge Rails requires Bundler 0.9 which, afaik, also has not been released, it's actually further from release today than it was last week.

Rails 3.0 is a landmark release as it delivers on the Merb/Rails merge promise made in December 2008. Rails 3.0 provides major upgrades to all of the components of Rails, including a complete overhaul of the router and query APIs.

Rails Core, I'm really happy for y'all and imma let you finish, but can you please please please spend less time writing blog posts and detailed release notes for Rails 3 until you manage to actually release Rails 3?

Or, if that's too hard, can you try to make it so "getting started with Rails 3" blog posts you read last week are still at least somewhat usable this week? Please?